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Who we are Advanced Wellness Solutions (AWS) is a company that develops software and hardware technologies and solutions for personal health and fitness management.
The company is registered in the State of Washington, USA.

Heart Wizard™ is the registered trademark and property of Advanced Wellness Solutions.
The Heart Wizard™ product line is completely created, owned and marketed by our company.

At AWS, we develop technologies and products for personal non-medical health and fitness related applications. All AWS technologies are based on Heart Rate Variability analysis and are customized to complement the growing corporate, business and consumer based wellness marketplace. Our focus is to design advanced assessment technologies, simplify and embed the sophisticated professionally validated algorithms and create a consumer friendly health conscious interactive experience.

Our dedication to innovation and continuous improvement requires that we constantly add new and exciting features and programs, all of which are grounded in rigorous research. Our programs blend seamlessly with accepted fitness, health and wellness principles. We have found the AWS tools to be a powerful combination of helping users acquire the knowledge, skills and motivation they need to create long-term behavior change.

Advanced Wellness Solutions draws from a world-class development team with backgrounds, qualifications, and work experience including:

  • Medical Doctors (cardiology, health, and wellness)
  • Business/health marketing and advertising promotion experts
  • Biomedical hardware/software engineering team
The AWS founders and key team members have been creating and producing successful HRV research and educational products since 1996. With our experience in the medical and research fields, we have the ability to design innovative and functional educational/consumer-based personalized online health assessment programs designed for cutting edge consumer fitness and wellness management.

At AWS, we know the secret to motivating and retaining users is the use of individual and personalized assessments that demonstrate shifts in health and wellness over days, months and years. The full benefits and results of our programs are derived from the continuous progress evaluations that reward health and wellness improvements. Learn more about how we provide customization, reporting, and implementation for health cost savings and return from a dynamic interactive corporate wellness program or professional business models.

Our mission

To help individuals prevent the onset and progression of chronic disease by helping them to identify and defend against the unhealthy influences in our modern environment through the development of healthy thinking, living skills and behaviors.

Our vision

Advanced Wellness Solutions has developed cost effective and powerful wellness programs to help individuals, businesses and corporations measure and improve their health and productivity for themselves, their workforce or clientele populations.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the company or its products, please contact our Customer Support department.

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