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Stress Management
Stress Monitor Stress Sweeper
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The Stress Management section is a group of software modules that measure and control the user's emotional and physical stress level and track its changes over time.

These modules provide the user with individually-tuned tools to monitor actual stress level and train the user to relieve high levels of stress in order to help avoid potential health problems and to assist in their prevention.

The section includes the following modules:
  • Stress Monitor continuously measures the user's stress level while working at the computer. This monitoring process is carried out in real-time in background mode. If your stress level elevates, the Stress Monitor sends visual notifications about high stress level and recommendations to take a break and run a stress reduction training session using the Stress Sweeper.
  • Stress Sweeper provides the means to perform a special deep-paced breathing exercise to reduce stress, restore inner balance and improve overall health.
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