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The Heart Wizard™ Professional Package provides all features that professionals need to serve their clients:

The Professional Package includes the Heart Wizard™ Product Kit containing:
  • An ear-clip pulse sensor
  • The Heart Wizard™ software CD
  • Setup guide
The Heart Wizard™ Professional Product Kit includes all software sections: Health Management, Fitness Management and Stress Management.

The Heart Wizard™ Professional provides one administrative (management) and forty nine non-administrative User Profiles by default. Additional sensors can be ordered as well for multiple examination rooms.

The Professional Package includes Welltrack™ Online Services account.  The Heart Wizard™ Professional Product Kit is free. 

The Welltrack™ Online Services provide the following features:
  • Long-term unlimited capacity data storage on the remote Welltrack™ Server
  • Services account capable of storing all User Profiles
  • Managing User Profiles, their personal information and test results with a special Heart Wizard™ Data Center web-application
  • Accessing test results and viewing web reports via the Heart Wizard™ Data Center using any web browser from anywhere
  • Viewing long-term trends in health parameters
  • Comprehensive health assessment based on aggregate analysis of the results of various tests and their trends
The Professional Package is mostly recommended for various kinds of professionals: healthcare providers, researchers, personal trainers, coaches, and other specialists working with their clients.

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