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One of the screens of the Heart Wizard™ software. Click to see a larger picture.The Heart Wizard™ software is the main component of the product. The user interacts with the software installed on the user's personal computer. The concept of the user interface is based on the idea of taking simple consecutive steps to perform a certain task. This approach is sometimes known as "wizard".

The software was designed with simplicity and intuitiveness with the user interface in mind. It provides a moderate level of flexibility and access to advanced settings when needed. The software was built with a capacity for future extensions that can be downloaded and installed automatically from the Heart Wizard™ Data Center. The software keeps itself current using its Automatic Updates service, free and instantly available to all customers.

The chart below shows the Heart Wizard™ software structure. Use the links on the chart to learn more about specific parts of the software:

The Heart Wizard™ software consists of the following modules:
Health Management Fitness Management Stress Management
Biological Age Health Snapshot Fitness Test Exercise Recovery Stress Monitor Stress Sweeper

  • The Health Management section is a group of software modules aimed to evaluate the user's current health condition and track its changes over time. They provide the user with personalized valuable information on tendencies in their health. The health aspects requiring special attention are highlighted to help avoid potential health problems and to assist in their prevention. This section includes the following modules:
    • Biological Age provides an assessment of the user's real biological age compared to their calendar age. The software tracks the speed of the aging process.
    • Health Snapshot provides an assessment of the user's inner regulatory function, its balance and level of activity, as well as tracks its changes over time.
  • The Fitness Management section is a group of modules aimed to evaluate the user's ability to withstand physical exercise and recover afterward. They provide the user with personalized reports on their current fitness condition and individually selected recommendations to maintain better health and fitness. They also have the ability to monitor trends and track improvements. This section includes the following modules:
    • Fitness Test provides an assessment of the user's fitness level indicating one's current ability to withstand physical exercise, and tracks the progress over time.
    • Exercise Recovery provides an assessment of the user's ability for optimal recovery after exercise and tracks how the user's exercise program improves their physical resilience and health condition from their exercise or wellness program.
  • The Stress Management section is a group of modules aimed to monitor one's stress level and provide the means for stress relief. This section includes the following modules:
    • Stress Monitor monitors the user's stress level in real-time while working at the computer. It tracks the changes in the user's stress level while doing daily work at the desk. It automatically gives recommendations to take a break or use the Stress Sweeper to manage stress.
    • Stress Sweeper provides the means for a paced deep breathing exercise, which is very effective in reducing stress, restoring the body's inner balance and improving overall health.
The Heart Wizard™ software provides simple and clear instructions on how to run tests and interpret the test results. There are clear labels and intuitive navigation controls assisting the user throughout the entire process of performing tasks. The context help is available to help understanding the meaning of the test results or elements of the user interface.

The program utilizes a login/password authentication mechanism to ensure user's privacy and data protection. With purchase of any package the user gets registered and their own account is created within the Welltrack™ Online Services. The account always contains at least one user profile (which is the administrator of the account). Creation of additional user profiles may be available depending on a package. Each user profile has its own login/password and can be used to log into Heart Wizard™ software as well as Online Data Center.

You are welcome to contact our Customer Support to get more information about the Heart Wizard™.
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