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Stress Management
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Heart Wizard™ and stress management

Stress Monitor continuously measures the user's stress level while working at the computer.

The monitoring process is carried out in real-time in background mode. If your stress level elevates, the Stress Monitor sends visual notifications about high stress level and recommendations to take a break and run a stress reduction training session using the Stress Sweeper.

Are you pleased with your job? Hopefully the answer is "yes". However, there is no such thing as a perfect workday, every day. These days practically everyone working in an office experiences events causing considerable stress, which can make you feel extremely overwhelmed. Stress not only undermines your ability to effectively carry out your tasks, but it also has a negative impact on your overall health.

We had been experiencing these problems too and this fact drove us to develop the Stress Monitor, which has become a valuable tool for any office in any workplace. It monitors your stress level throughout the day and helps you to treat your stress before it can cause harm to your health.

No more stress at your workplace

You usually start your morning full of energy and free of stress at work. However, as time passes, the day becomes more hectic and stressful, and you become more exhausted. From that point, your productivity level drops and the rest of the workday simply becomes a drag.

Stress Monitor session screen Why does this occur?

Your tasks, communications, thoughts and many other things at work cause a buildup of stress in your body. At some point, the accumulated stress level exceeds a certain safe-zone. As a result, your natural internal balance shifts so your body and mind is forced to spend more resources to perform at an appropriate level of productivity. These dramatic changes in your body are directly linked to fatigue, increased recovery time from workouts, increased irritability, hypersensitivity to sounds and light, weight gain or loss, insomnia, and more.

Is there any way to measure one's stress level with ease? Is there any way to do it repeatedly and track the stress level? The answer is yes. After much research, we developed a unique algorithm of quick assessment of the stress level based on measuring one's heart rhythm and put it in the Stress Monitor.

While you're working at your station, your heart-rate is being measured with a small pulse sensor attached to your earlobe. This data is sent to your PC where the Stress Monitor software continuously evaluates your current stress level and shows it in a small screen gadget. It alerts you every time your stress level rises to a sustained high level and prompts you to take care of yourself by taking a break and running a 5-minute session of the Stress Sweeper to reduce your stress. Once your break is over you may return to work and resume your stress monitoring.

Using the Stress Monitor along with the Stress Sweeper increases your productivity, reduces fatigue and improves your overall health.

Stress Monitor is recommended for corporate and personal use!
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Tracking stress at home and in the office

The Stress Monitor is designed for convenient use at home and in the office. However, its aim is to monitor your stress not to combat it. To lower your stress level, we recommend using the Stress Sweeper – another component of the Heart Wizard™. Of course you may use other popular methods of lowering stress such as taking a walk, listening to your favorite music, meditating, etc. Put your personal comments in the Stress Monitor every time you take a break to perform different ways of reducing stress. This will let you compare their effectiveness. The Stress Monitor visual reports will show you the effects of the Stress Sweeper sessions or other alternative stress controlling techniques.

The Heart Wizard™ Corporate Package provides administrative users (corporate managers) with a remote tracking tool. Employees can grant remote access to their Stress Monitor reports to their supervisors when needed.

We invite corporations of any size to implement the Stress Monitor to provide their employees with healthier and a more productive working environment!
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