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Learn about your body's biological age from the Heart Wizard™

Biological Age provides an assessment of the user's real biological age compared to their calendar age, and tracks the speed and changes of the aging process.

Take a simple 1-minute test to get an accurate evaluation of your body's real biological age.

After taking several tests over time you get an assessment of the speed of your aging process and its tendency.

If you want to become younger and live longer, the Biological Age test is a "must have" tool which can quickly evaluate the biological age and help you choose the best anti-aging techniques that work for you. Using the Internet you can find a lot of information about anti-aging programs and information on how to become younger, so it is valuable to take preventive measures and be able to track your progress over time.

How does the Biological Age Test work?

It is known that deep breathing causes your heart rate to oscillate synchronously with your breathing pace. When you inhale the heart rate goes up, when you exhale it goes down. The amplitude of changes in heart rate induced by deep breaths has a strong correlation with age. However, everyone has a different speed of aging due to various factors: genetic traits, exposure to various health risk factors, the presence of any chronic or acute health conditions, nutrition, lifestyle and others.

The aging process primarily affects intrinsic mechanisms of the body self-regulation. These mechanisms play a key role in the body's optimal functioning and they are the first ones degraded with age. Thus an accelerated aging process makes these mechanisms function less efficiently than in the body with a normal aging process. The Biological Test evaluates the functional performance of these mechanisms and thus shows the body's real biological age.

Doing the Biological Age Test

Click to see a larger picture of Biological Age session screen Prepare for the test. The Heart Wizard™ provides simple-to-follow instructions to get started including visuals. Plug-in the Heart Wizard's USB pulse wave sensor, attach the ear-clip to your earlobe or a finger, sit down, relax for 1-2 minutes and be ready to know your body's true age in just 1 minute.

Once you're ready, click the "Start" button for recording. The device will start recording your heart rate and send it to your computer.

During the test you will be asked to do 6 deep breaths following the on-screen visual pacer – a moving ball.

Once the test is over, the Heart Wizard™ will analyze your body's reaction to the deep breathing maneuver.

The Biological Age Report

After you have completed the test, the Heart Wizard™ compares your results with predicted values from a large normative database of healthy individuals of your gender and age group and generates an assessment report. The report includes information about your current biological age, your aging speed and aging trend. This will help you to track the aging process and show the positive trends caused by your health-improvement efforts like taking vitamins, antioxidants, rejuvenation procedures and other exercises that affect your body.

Click to see a larger picture of Biological Age report screen

Test results shown in the report:

Current Biological Age shows your real biological age (true age of your body). If you are taking good care of yourself, do not be surprised to see that you are actually 5 or more years younger than your ID tells you. But what if your biological age is a few years older than your Calendar Age? First of all don't get upset, try our recommendations on how to improve your biological age and remember: you've got a reliable tool to evaluate the effectiveness of whatever you're doing to lower your real age! This tool is Heart Wizard™. Also remember that your Biological Age may slightly vary over a short period of time. This test shows how your body's physiology works at this time. This physiological process is fairly dynamic and can be influenced by various factors such as deep emotions, hard physical work, medicine, food, etc. Thus taking this test regularly being in the same condition (well-rested in the morning or unwind in the evening) will ensure fairly accurate readings of your biological age.

Current Calendar Age shows your current calendar age at the date the test was performed.

Average Biological Age shows your average biological age for the past 12 months. When you do this test on a regular basis it gives you a valuable insight in your body's well-being.

Click to see a larger picture of Biological Age progress screen Aging Speed shows how fast you are aging. In other words, it indicates how many years you'll become older in one calendar year with the existing tendency in your aging process. For example, the value "-2" means that if you do not change your lifestyle and/or the anti-aging procedures you're taking, in 12 calendar months your biological age will be 2 years less than it is now!

Tendency shows your general biological aging direction and speed. This is a very important and sensitive parameter recommended to keep track of. If you see sudden "jumps" in your biological age (meaning an accelerated aging) this might be an indicator of any developing health problem or exposure to major health risk factors. In that case it is recommended to make positive preventive measures before you get ill. Alternatively if you are making positive lifestyle changes, using anti-aging methods this parameter can be very informative showing the effectiveness of measures you take.

Read our recommendations on how to improve your Biological Age. Use the Heart Wizard™ to verify the effectiveness of each lifestyle change to choose the optimal wellness program that works for you. And remember: you are in charge of how well you take care of your body, and the Heart Wizard™ can help you to see the rewards of your effort to feel younger and live longer!

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