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Health Snapshot

The Health Snapshot provides an assessment of the user's internal mechanism of self-regulation – its functional balance and total body energy, as well as tracks their changes over time.

The Health Snapshot test gives you an accurate evaluation of an important aspect of your health in just 5 minutes. With several continuous tests, the Health Snapshot will give you the direction of your health changes. You will be able to track your health and see the effects of exercise and lifestyle changes on it.

If you are concerned about your health and that of your family, the Health Snapshot is a "must have" tool that can quickly evaluate your health and help to reveal your body's imbalance at early stages. You will be able to see your "good" and "bad" days and begin to learn more about how your internal balance and energy levels fluctuate throughout the days. It is also important to note that it is hard to lose weight if you are out of balance.

How the Health Snapshot test works

It is known that the human heart rhythm is under the continuous control of the body's internal mechanism of self-regulation, aka the autonomic nervous system. This system regulates all the body's organs and their functions. That's why its condition is considered as an overall health condition. Any disturbances in the autonomic function may lead to health problems. By analyzing one's heart rhythm, we can get important information about the autonomic function and thus overall health condition. During this test, one's heart-rate is measured at rest for 5 minutes. Then a special heart-rate variability (HRV) analysis is applied to measured data. All these parameters have a strong correlation with age. They also can be affected by various internal and external factors: genetic traits, exposure to various health risk factors, presence of any chronic or acute health conditions, nutrition, lifestyle and others.
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Doing the test

Prepare for the test. The Heart Wizard™ provides simple-to-follow instructions to get started, including visuals. Plug-in the Heart Wizard's USB pulse wave sensor, attach the ear-clip to your earlobe or a finger, sit down, relax for 1-2 minutes and be ready to know your important health parameters in just 5 minutes.

Once you're ready, click the "Start" button for recording. The device will start recording your heart-rate and send it to your computer.

During the test you will be asked to sit comfortably as you watch beautiful landscapes and listen to relaxing music while Heart Wizard™ collects valuable information about your health.

Health Snapshot Report

Upon completion, the Heart Wizard™ compares your test results with their respective predicted values from a special normative database of healthy individuals of your gender and age and generates a health assessment report.

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Test results shown in the report:

Activation Energy. reflects the level of energy causing activation of many of you body functions. It is generally higher when the body is struggling with any negative impact or event including stress, fatigue, exhaustion or illness. It is lower when the body is relaxed recovered and is in balance.

Calming Energy reflects the level of energy causing calming of many of your body functions. This energy slows the activation energy down like the brakes on a car. Without it the body would work at full speed most of the time, which can cause long-term potential for health problems. When the calming energy is higher the body is relaxed. If it is low it's recommended to take preventative measures to recover. Refer to the program for more details.

Total Energy shows your current total biological energy that causes your body organs to function properly. It's usually higher in the morning before going to the gym (regular gym users), after the spa etc. Watch this parameter to see how different techniques and events influence your total biological energy: some will make you have more or less energy.

Click to see a larger picture of Health Snapshot progress screen Bio Balance shows the balance between your activation and relaxation energies, which can tell a lot about your health. If your activation is high and calming energy is low or normal then you are generally tired, and under negative impacts or stress. If it shows that your activation energy and calming energy are both high then it means you're ready to do some activity, e.g. training at the gym. The Heart Wizard™ will give you a detailed interpretation of your test results.

Activation Energy [% of tests with normal values] shows statistically what percentage of your activation energy received from all your tests comes with normal values. Ideally this parameter should be close to 100%.

Calming Energy [% of tests with normal values] shows statistically what percentage of your calming energy received from all your tests comes with normal values. Ideally this parameter should be close to 100%.

Total Energy Tendency shows the trend in your total biological energy. When you keep it stable or continue improving, this means you care about your health.
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