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The Heart Wizard™ Personal Package provides all features required for personal and family use by a wide range of individual users:

The Personal Package includes the Heart Wizard™ Product Kit containing:
  • An ear-clip pulse sensor
  • The Heart Wizard™ software CD
  • Setup guide
The Heart Wizard™ Personal Product Kit includes all software sections: Health Management, Fitness Management and Stress Management.

The Heart Wizard™ Personal Package allows for creating only one User Profile to store test results. Additional User Profiles as well as additional sensors can be added to the order or purchased later.

The Personal Package may include an optional Welltrack™ Online Services account. These services are based on an annual subscription. The Heart Wizard™ Personal Product Kit includes one year of using Welltrack™ Online Services for free. After the first year the renewal of the subscription can be purchased if needed.

The Welltrack™ Online Services provide the following features:
  • Long-term unlimited capacity data storage on the remote Welltrack™ Server
  • Services account capable of storing all User Profiles purchased along with the Heart Wizard™ Kit
  • Managing User Profiles, their personal information and test results with a special Heart Wizard™ Data Center web-application
  • Accessing test results and viewing web reports via the Heart Wizard™ Data Center using any web browser from anywhere
  • Viewing long-term trends in health parameters
  • Comprehensive personal health assessment based on aggregate analysis of the results of various tests and their trends
The Personal Package is mostly recommended for personal use by individuals and their family members.

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